We started with "What If?"

"What if protective products could be made thinner?"

"What if a hard shell could be made to move and flex?"

"What if there was a better way to reduce impact?"

"What if" is now possible!



isoBLOX was founded by former U.S. Men’s National Team and MLS All-Star Goalie, Mark Dodd. After years of experiencing impact first-hand, Dodd set about finding a way to make hard, protective shells move and flex. isoBLOX was born and now utilizes the expertise of engineers, doctors, professors and world-class athletes to develop a truly unique and effective solution for reducing impacting forces.


How We ARE Different

isoBLOX is a breakthrough development unlike anything in the field of impact protection.

isoBLOX is a wafer-thin, highly flexible, impact-blocking material.  isoBLOX is engineered and lab tested to offer exceptional impact resistance without compromising flexibility or adding bulk.

Its biomechanical design is highly breathable and creates moving, form-fitting protection. Simply put, isoBLOX makes products stronger, thinner, and more flexible.
Until now, protective products relied on rigid shells or thick foams to achieve impact protection.  However, people move, bend and flex… rigid shells don’t… and foam alone can be too thick and bulky to offer flexible protection.  Still other products, such as “stiffen on impact” gels, are too heavy and offer limited protection.  isoBLOX is superior protection without compromise!