Hardshell protection made flexible


The Isoblox Halo Head gear received a 5 star Virginia Tech rating in September 2023 placing it as the Number 1 impact reducing halo
in the world.

The Isoblox Breast protective crop top and vest are the most advanced
in the world and reduce linear impact force by more than 75% and
provide 250% more protection than the competition.


Dispersion + Absorption

When impacting force strikes, the ensuing energy must go somewhere.  Isoblox protective plates deflect initial impact and disperse that energy across the grid through connected micro-hinges. These Isoblox plates then subtly flex, via the micro-hinges, to absorb residual forces. Only Isoblox proprietary, patented, hinged plates can offer this dual-protection.


Thinner. Lighter. Flexible.

Until now, companies needing impact protection were limited to stiff, hard shells, bulky thick foams, or heavy gels. Isoblox makes it possible to create thinner, lighter products that can move and flex, all while retaining superior levels of protection.


Superior impact protection in a wafer-thin form
gives protective sports gear a competitive edge.


Used for impact resistance and weight distribution, Isoblox is
FAA approved and meets Head Injury Criteria (HIC).


Dedicated to Reducing Impacting Forces

Isoblox International was founded on the premise of finding a solution to the problem of bulky, stiff, ineffective padding and protective equipment.

Isoblox utilises the expertise of engineers, doctors, professors, and top athletes to develop a truly unique and effective solution to reducing impact forces.

Our patented technology works to reduce not only linear (G-Force), but also rotational acceleration, both known risk factors for brain injury and CTE